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November discounts! 🎉 New FREE Sample Pack: Kitchen Sink! 💧

Greetings, audio adventurers

Happy November! Can't believe this year is almost over already.

This morning, I ran around my kitchen for 15 minutes gathering a huge assortment of sounds. From pots and pans to doing the dishes to dribbling water to opening and shutting drawers. This pack contains over 140 sounds that would be perfect for use as ASMR sound effects, drum kit layering, or glitchy textures in your music!

Check out the preview video here!

Looking forward to messing with this pack soon! You can download this pack for free using the coupon code on the pack's page:


Missed the past year or more of sample packs? I put EVERYTHING I've released on Gumroad into a singular product at a very competitive discount. This includes over 35 packs, 4500 samples, 5+ hours of audio, as well as many Ableton and Kontakt instruments. Not only does buying this pack get you everything I've ever released, but also includes everything I will release in the future.

It also supports me and my studio, which is pretty neat too. 🥰

Check it out here!

😎 As a thank you for staying on this mailing list, use the coupon code "BestFriend" to get 20% anything I offer on Gumroad, including the EVERYTHING pack. If you've missed prior packs, you can check them all out right here:

As always, thank you so much for your support and kind words about these packs. I'm so glad they can help enrich your music productions and other projects in unique and weird ways.

Feel free to reply if you have questions, suggestions, or want to share the things you've made. I'd love to hear them!

Enjoy the pack and I'll talk to you next month!

🔊💪 - ben


Grab the pack here!

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