🎧 New FREE sample pack! Over 170 thunks, tinks, and scrapes from my junk drawer. 😎

Greetings audio adventurers!

It's August! Past few days have been pretty mild, but my work schedule sure isn't! Got a LOT going on over the next month, which is a mixed blessing for sure. Let's get into it!

If you're just looking for the free pack, you can find it here: https://gum.co/bb_woodshop

With the quarantine and social distancing going on this year, I've taken it upon myself to learn some new things. One skill I've always wanted to become accomplished in is wood working and carpentry. Being able to make things out of raw materials is so rewarding. As most of you are musicians or game developers, I'd assume you feel the same way :)

I've spent the last few months collecting tools and learning how to use them. I also noticed there were TONS of really cool sounds that can be made with them. So, like usual, I decided to record a sample pack! You can preview the pack and see more what I did in this preview video.

This is the sound of power tools, metal, wood, and lots of other interesting samples!

Grab the pack now! You can download this pack for free using the coupon code on the pack's pagehttps://gum.co/bb_woodshop

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Quiet July

It's been pretty slow around here. Working on a lot of stuff, but not much new to share. I hope you all are having a good Summer. Stay safe out there 🥰


As always, thank you so much for your support and kind words about these packs. I'm so glad they can help enrich your music productions in unique and weird ways.

Feel free to reply if you have questions, suggestions, or want to share the things you've made. I'd love to hear them!

Enjoy the pack and I'll talk to you next month!

🔊💪 - ben



Grab the pack here!