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🎧 New FREE sample pack! Extending the Junk Drawer ASMR sample pack with 170 more sounds! 😎

Greetings, air wigglers.

It is September! I can't believe Summer is already winding down. The heat has mostly gone away here in Minnesota, and it's just nice days again.

If you're just looking for the free pack, you can find it here:

When I recorded the original Junk Drawer sample pack, I ended up with WAY too many samples. I like cramming these packs full of sounds, but it was just too many for one pack alone. I reserved the rest of the sounds for a time when I was too busy to make a fresh pack. That time was August (more detail on that below)

These sounds range from small knives to plastic cases to pens to matches. Lots of really unique and interesting percussive strikes and noise textures you can use to layer in your songs or use in your game development projects.

Grab the pack now! You can download this pack for free using the coupon code on the pack's page

😎 As a thank you for staying on this mailing list, use the coupon code "BestFriend" to get 20% EVERYTHING I offer on Gumroad. If you've missed prior packs, you can check them all out right here:


Community music writing challenge for foster kitties! 🐱

Wanted to give you an early heads up that the Two Hour Album Challenge is scheduled for the first weekend in October! On October 2nd at 6pm Central time, I will choose a theme at random and people will have the weekend to write a song inspired by that theme! The 2HAC community would LOVE to have you with us! It is a great way to meet new musicians and test your music writing skills. As always, all proceeds from album sales go directly to foster kitties. Our last challenge had the theme of "survival" and we got some incredible submissions! 

Come join us next month, more info on the challenge can be found here:


Help me out!

I had a LOT going on in August. If you'll bear with me a moment, I'd like to share some of the things I've worked on. If you wanted to help me out and spread the word..


One of my childhood dreams came true last week when I released a game that I made on a Nintendo console.

You can pick it up on the Nintendo eShop right here:

If you wanted to help spread the word, you can retweet this :D 


My cute little puzzle game Death Drives A Bus has an official Steam page. It will be going live in a few weeks for $1, but if you wanted to help appease the great Steam algorithm, please consider giving it a wishlist:

Or you can signal boost this with a retweet as well if that's more your style.


I released the Death Drives A Bus soundtrack last week. If you're into Chiptunes, I'd suggest giving it a peek. It's pretty short, but I'm proud of the songs there.

I have a remix album coming up in a few weeks. I would love to get more visibility on all the amazing artists in the album. Consider giving me a follow on Spotify to get notified right when that album goes live!


As always, thank you so much for your support and kind words about these packs. I'm so glad they can help enrich your music productions and other projects in unique and weird ways.

Feel free to reply if you have questions, suggestions, or want to share the things you've made. I'd love to hear them!

Enjoy the pack and I'll talk to you next month!

🔊💪 - ben


Grab the pack here!

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