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🎧New free sample pack! 180 sounds from an empty retail store💰

Hello, audio adventurers!

Welcome to May! Spring has finally struck around here, along with my allergies. The past few days have been pretty rough trying to get back on my feet, but after a few handfuls of meds, the fog has lifted from my brain and I can get back to it. Download code is in the pack's description:

This sample pack was a rare opportunity. I was in a big retail store getting some essential items and I realized that the always-prevalent background music was turned off. I always keep my audio gear nearby so I was able to grab it and then run around the store getting sounds of a retail environment! Not just the boring stuff like cash register boops, this is banging on those big metal shelves, getting tons of fabric textures, and other unique stuff that's difficult to capture elsewhere.

Grab the pack now! You can download this pack for free using the coupon code on the pack's page:

😎 As a thank you for staying on this mailing list, use the coupon code "BestFriend" to get 20% EVERYTHING I offer on Gumroad. If you've missed prior packs, you can check them all out right here:


Community Music Album volume 10 is out! Support the kitties 🐱

I mentioned this in the last email, but I host a community music making challenge every few months. We spend a weekend making music for the benefit of a local animal rescue Angel of Hope.

This volume's randomly selected theme was WATER and the album turned out pretty amazing with a record-breaking 51 entries! Check out the album here. It's free to download, but all purchases go directly to charity!


As always, thank you so much for your support and kind words about these packs. I'm so glad they can help enrich your music productions in unique and weird ways.

Someone sent me this track that used a variety of past sample packs. I really dig this song, it's kinda like wandering around on the beach a bit drunk. Ponderous Tide [soundcloud link]

As always... If you used any of my sample packs and want your song featured in these emails, just reply and let me know! I'd love to hear it.

Enjoy the pack and I'll talk to you next month!

🔊💪 - ben


Grab the pack here!

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