New FREE Micro Pack! 🤏🔊 Pill bottles! 💊 PLUS 20% off everything

Greetings, audio enthusiasts!

Hey all! Just updated the micro sample pack on Gumroad! As always, it is completely free 🎉 Micro Sample Pack (2021) 🎉

This update contains sounds from pill bottles! Lots of shakes and rattles with all size of pill and shape of bottle. Turned out pretty cool. I originally had another recording idea in mind, but it turned out too cool and now it's gonna be next month's Kontakt library.

If you aren't familiar, this is a pack that will constantly grow every month with small sound design features. Unlike the other sample packs, all micro packs will be added to the same Gumroad product, so grabbing it once will secure that you get all future updates as well!

Grab the Micro Sample Pack collection here!

If you missed the free pack from 2020, you can find it here!

Community Music Challenge Next Month!

The Two Hour Album Challenge event is happening again July 9-11. It's a great opportunity to challenge your music making ability, meet up with some new friends, and make music for charity! You can find more information on it here:


The Everything Pack compiles everything I've released on Gumroad into one massively discounted bundle.

  • 35 sample packs
  • 5+ hours of field recordings and audio
  • Many Kontakt and Ableton instruments

Not only does buying this pack get you everything I've released, but also everything I will release in the future.

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In case you didn't know, I have a discount on my store for mailing list subscribers. Using the code BestFriend will get you 20% off everything I offer on Gumroad (including the Everything Pack! 🤫). Go grab some cool stuff.


Have a wonderful week and be safe.

🔊💪 - ben


Grab the pack here!