Tongue Drum Sample Pack

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For a more in depth explanation of this pack and some example sounds, check out the pack preview video!

This sample pack contains over 100 deep and rich sounds of an Idiopan Dominus roughly tuned to the G Major Pentatonic scale. Special care was to preserve the resonances and long resonant tails of each strike.

This audio was recorded using a Zoom h4N with ultra sensitive Lom microphones. The audio was very minimally processed to even out volume levels.

This pack was made in collaboration with Brian Funk! He made some Ableton instrument racks from these samples. You can find them right here.

These sounds are public domain (Creative Commons 0). You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files. Obviously, linking back to the pack or dropping my name in your liner notes is encouraged, but not required.

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  • Get an immediate download of over 100 samples!

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  • Get an immediate download of over 100 samples!
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Tongue Drum Sample Pack

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