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[FREE] Discount Kalimba Kontakt Library

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For a more in depth explanation of this pack and some example sounds check out the preview video here.

This pack contains 3 octaves of round robin samples recorded from a damaged and discounted kalimba I found at Guitar Center many years ago. This has a wonderful off-key harmonic feel to it that makes things sound more organic and real.

This Kontakt library also features 12 percussion sounds recorded from knocking and tapping the kalimba and 3 "loops" of hitting random tines.

This library is compatible with Kontakt 5 and above. If you don't use Kontakt, you can download the raw samples used to make the instrument as a ZIP file as well.

These sounds are public domain (Creative Commons 0). You are free to enhance, reuse, remix, or do whatever with these files. Obviously, linking back to the pack or dropping my name in your liner notes is encouraged, but not required.

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[FREE] Discount Kalimba Kontakt Library

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